6 Signs That Your Company Needs a Web App

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Companies have invested in intranets (an internal network with restricted access) and extranets (an intranet modified to allow outside access to it) for years and it is likely you have one or more in your company right now. So ask yourself, if you need to make a change, how easy is it?  If you want to add new functions, collect different data, display charts or graphs, export to PDF or Excel, import data from CSV file, etc. can it even be done?

Enter the Web App!


While there are technically many differences between intranets, extranets and Web Apps, the most obvious is usually flexibility.  A Web App can be designed for internal use, external use, or both very easily and securely.  Data can be input in many formats, on many devices and data manipulation and calculations can be performed quickly and reliably.  The data can also be exported or displayed in almost an unlimited spectrum of ways which can be adapted to as the Web App grows. Lastly, Web Apps can also be created to seamlessly fit your phone or tablet with the same security and reliability as a desktop or laptop.


Signs your process needs an overhaul:

  1. Employees in your company spend a large amount of time inputting data and worse inputting the same data in more than one place.
  2. The existing process saves data to Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel
  3. When there’s an error or issue, finding someone to help is never easy
  4. With the existing process, employees have to manipulate data to get the correct amounts on reports to display correctly because the system in use hasn’t been updated
  5. Your company would like users in the field to be able to create reports or input data from their tablets
  6. Your company has a vastly huge filing system full of paper documents


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