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4 Benefits of Inbound Marketing

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4 benefits

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Any business person who has announced their business to the neighborhood by going door-to-door asking questions, handing out business cards and meeting the neighbors knows the power of outbound marketing. For these businesses, what does inbound marketing bring to the table that hard work and a friendly smile cannot?

Inbound marketing is the systematic building of a sales and purchase funnel that brings people into your business through creating high value content to turn leads into customers. Make sense? Simply put, inbound marketing uses materials you publish to get customers calling you, rather than the other way around.

Builds Trust

With so much information available online, inbound marketing is an essential tool for building trust with customers before you ever make contact with them. Because they see your name on content that they read, customers will associate your business with quality even though they have never met you. The best example of this is George Takei, whose viral Facebook posts garner him a best-seller every time he publishes a book.

Reduces Costs

Outbound marketing incurs large amounts of labor costs. Phone calls, door-to-door prospecting, and referral gathering all take excessive amounts of time on the part of your marketing and sales team. With inbound marketing, every activity you take has long-term and repeat benefits: each presentation you create is designed to gain multiple conversions, whether you are converting general market to leads or leads to customers.

Increase Reach

Outbound marketing is always limited to the people you and your sales team contact. Because of the automated sales funnel design for all inbound marketing techniques, much of the sales process is automated. This means you can expand your reach faster than if each step of the sales process involves employee engagement.

Integrate with Business Planning

Because of the statistical and analytical information necessary for good inbound marketing, you will be armed with the tools necessary to plan additional business goals. Good inbound marketing is integrated at every step of the way with analytical metrics regarding conversions, CPC, ROI and other information regarding your business.

These 4 are just some of the benefits your business can garner from an inbound marketing campaign. For more information about inbound marketing, please contact us today.

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