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3 Words That Describe the Design Extensions Culture

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I have worked at Design Extensions as an intern for over two months now. The overall experience has been nothing short of fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed learning the different parts of the business and getting to know the team members more. Although I am still clueless about many things (CSS, PHP, FTP, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), I’m picking it up quickly (Thanks, Google!). All joking aside, I’m really drawn to the culture that has been established at Design Extensions. Here are three words that I believe accurately describe the lifestyle here:


The word versatile not only describes the company and the services offered, but more importantly the people that work here. These guys can do anything. The level of talent and expertise from the Design team to the Programming team to the Account Management team is top notch. Everyone here is like a walking Swiss-Army knife. There is no one set job. Everyone is able to accomplish a variety of tasks to meet deadlines and please clients. Our Project Manager, Joe, hit on that very topic in his most recent blog post. As he mentions, there are no issues here with individuals saying “well it’s his job, not mine”. That just doesn’t occur at this company. I hope to develop the same “jack of all trades” mentality and skill-set that these gentleman possess.


Efficiency is a characteristic that every company strives for, but one that many companies lack. Not Design Extensions. I’ve truly been impressed with how smooth and systematic the processes for everything are here. I have worked for organizations in the past that have lacked efficient operation.  Design Extensions utilizes several key applications that help achieve this methodical approach to business and communication. We utilize these tools to keep people on task and to ensure deadlines are met. Efficiency at Design Extensions is only going to improve even more when we get settled into the new office space.


This is a big one. And truly the main reason I wanted to work for Design Extensions. Our owner, Jay, has done a great job of creating a family atmosphere for his employees. He sincerely cares for the success and well being of the people that work for him. This resonates throughout the entire company. This attitude can be felt by all our employees, clients and part-time contractors.

If this is a culture that your company is interested in working with, contact us and let us show you the “Design Extensions Way”.


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