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3 Ways to Get More Shares for Your Blog Posts

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3 Ways More Shares

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Are your blog posts not getting enough love (or readers)?

The beauty of writing something great is that it can bring you targeted traffic, start discussions, and even enhance your credibility as a marketer. But none of that can happen unless you’re getting views… and the easiest way to bring in new readers is to have your existing audience share your posts with their contacts.

With that in mind, here are three things you can do to ensure your blog posts will find a wider audience:

#1: Write about hot topics – choose something that’s in the news or very popular in your industry. It’s easier to get readers to check out something they’re already interested in than it is to introduce them to a brand-new concept.

#2: Use short titles and URLs – you want readers to be able to cut and paste links into their own social profiles while still having room left over for their own comments. So, keep it short.

#3: Promote your blog posts on social media – to get the ball rolling, you’ll want to promote your own blog posts on social media. That way, others can click to “like” and “share” easily.

Getting lots of views on your blog post starts with creating great content, but you also need to ensure you have the right topic, format, and promotion if you want to see your readership grow.


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