3 Ways to Attract More Leads with your Website’s About Page

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Many people don’t realize that their website’s “About” page is often the second most visited page on the site (other than the home page). There are a few things you can do to your website to help attract more leads and close more sales. Interested? Read on…
  1. Make it personal: There is a habit with many about pages to use a lot of “market-ease” that’s generic and tries to pitch the person reading. Instead, tell more about your personal story as a company. What makes your people unique? What does your team like to do outside of work? What things really matter to you and your team?
  2. Make it fun: I get that everyone wants to look professional, but the fact is that people like to work with people they like and most people like fun people. Sure, have your fancy head shot, but have a few fun photos, group photos, and info that’s outside the normal college bio.
  3. Make connecting easy: Make it easy for prospects to connect to your team via multiple avenues (social, email, form, etc). Having links to an individual’s public social profiles can help provide more context for the people your clients will get to work with. If your team’s public social accounts are not something you’d be proud for clients to see, do you really want them on your team?
Go look at other websites’ “About” pages and pull in pieces you like for the redesign of your page. This can have a huge impact on separating you from your competition and also give you a place to showcase your team.
Check out our about page and let us know what you think.

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