3 Great, Cost-Effective Uses for Social Media Marketing

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Even as social media reaches new milestones – the latest being Twitter’s ascent to 200 million regular users – the debate continues over the merits of social media marketing for businesses of all sizes. Is it useful and profitable, or just another thing to do that shows limited potential to actually improve your bottom line?

money-advice-websitesWe won’t attempt to completely settle that debate here today, but can instead share with you three fantastic, cost-effective uses for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles:

1. Event promotion and registration. If you regularly host events (locally in a retail location or on the web through webinars and other mediums) then social media might be the best forum for promoting them. That’s because it doesn’t just allow you to reach large numbers of subscribers instantly, like e-mail, but also to have them ask questions (and have them answered publicly) and share the info easily with their friends and colleagues.

2. To announce new products or services. Promoting anything new on social media is a good idea, partly for the same reasons above: namely that it’s instant and can spread the news quickly. Another key feature of social media marketing, however, is that it works particularly well with images. So, if you can show off new features with a series of photos, you might find that they can be shared amongst potential customers within hours.

3. To promote sales and specials. For promoting sales, social media marketing is best used in tandem with other methods, but it’s a two-way street: By offering Facebook-only coupon codes, for example, you can push up orders and increase the size of your social following at the same time.

Social media marketing is still changing and evolving, but using your profiles to find event attendees, or to spread news about your products and specials, is a great way to leverage and monetize them. Why not call us today and let us help you turn social networking into a source of profits for your business?

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